What Is Multilingual Living Worth to You?

You may not realize this but Multilingual Living could not exist if it weren’t for the financial support of you, our individual sponsors. Honestly!

We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from Multilingual Living over the past 8 years. We have delighted in every minute of it.

What many of you don’t realize is that everything you see here has been based on volunteer effort. Be it Multilingual Living Magazine, our articles about Multilingualism & Disorders or even Language Challenge 180. We we believe that the benefits and joys of multilingualism and language learning should be available to all – individuals and families alike!

However, we can’t keep Multilingual Living alive solely through volunteer efforts.

We are reaching out to you, our community, to ask for your financial support to help keep us afloat. We can’t do it without your financial help. We wish we could, but we can’t.

If you have ever breathed a sigh of relief after having read one of our posts or felt that you finally found a place that understands you and your family, please take a moment to say thank you with a show of financial support. If you have ever worried about raising your children bilingually and were able to find answers and support for your endeavor, please click the donate button below and help us stay alive.

We don’t want to tell you how much you should donate. All that we ask is that you think about what Multilingual Living is worth to you and what you can afford to give. Is Multilingual Living worth one latte a week? Then donate what 52 lattes cost!

No matter what you give, it will be received with appreciation, gratitude and much heart-felt thanks. Plus, you will know 100% that you are supporting a good and worthy cause! To remind you of this, we will list your name below (first name and final initial unless you give us permission to list your full name).

Without further ado, please click the Donate button below and give what you can today:

To all of you who have already donated, thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so very appreciative of your support!

Or, if you would rather support us while also receiving over 1,000+ pages of information, support, research, tips and more about multilingualism, please support us by purchasing the digital, fully-formatted, back issues of Multilingual Living Magazine today! We’ll be overjoyed to add your name to the list of individual supporters below to say “thank you, thank you, thank you!”


Multilingual Living Individual Sponsors

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We hope to add your name to this list very soon!

Thank you everyone who has generously supported Multilingual Living! We honestly couldn’t keep this website running if it weren’t for you!