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How How Can I Encourage My Husband To Speak His Language with Our Bilingual Daughter?

by Corey

Before I ask my question I’d like to thank you for all of your good work. My question is how to convince my husband to speak to our daughter in “his” language. My daughter is going to be 3 years old in November. We speak English at home and I speak to my daughter in […]

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Trilingual Child with ADHD – Doctor Says to Switch to Fewer Languages

by Corey

Dear Madalena, My husband (German) and I (Singaporean) have two children, aged 5 and 7.  He speaks German to them, I speak Chinese (even though English is my L1 and Chinese my second language).  Between us, my husband and I speak English.  I am fluent in German.  Our children were born in Germany and we […]

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Which Language Method Should We Choose With Our Baby: OPOL or ML@H?

by expert

Dear Madalena, I wonder if you could please help us. We are going to have a baby soon, I am Spanish, my partner is English and we live in Spain. At first we thought we would go for the “minority language at home” method, in our case, English. However, I don’t trust myself to speak […]

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Sacking an Ideal: The Evil Ambilingual

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta Photo Credit: Liz Ambilingual. The name itself sounds as though we are talking about an unpleasant sort of reptile, with yellow scales and gleaming eyes (at least five).   It may very well be such a monster! The Ambilingual is the epitome of everything in multilingualism that gives us parents headaches, worries, stress, […]

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Language Challenge 101

Language Challenge 101 – Week Seven

by Corey

¡Hola, amigos! Welcome to week seven of Multilingual Living’s Language Challenge 101 – learning a language over the course of 101 days. If you missed our first few weeks, just click on the Language Challenge 101 button on the very left of this website page and you’ll find everything we have done so far.

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