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Bilingualism, Immigration & Stress: Adapting to a New Country

by contributor
Bilingualism, Immigration and Stress: Adapting to a New Country

By Ingrid Weilguny Flag photo:  © Josh Obryan | Dreamstime Stock Photos Immigrating is one of the most stressful events you can experience yet it is something that millions of people do each year. How people adapt to this can affect many things, including your child’s language development. Truman, Sharar and Pompe published a study […]

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How to Have a Perfect Bilingual Immersion for Your Child without Losing Your Mind

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Bilingual Child Immersion

Bilingual children & language immersion: Spend a month abroad to immerse your bilingual child in the non-community language. Read here how one family is doing it!

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Can You Ever Go Back?

by contributor
Living Abroad: Can You Ever Go Back?

Can we ever go back home? That is the question which Dinka Souzek considers in this wonderful essay about returning to our native country after having lived abroad. For those who have never lived in another country, it may seem like a strange question to ask. Yet, for those of us who have lived in […]

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Do We Really Need to Move to China?

by contributor
Multilingual Family: Moving to China

By Franck & Cristina Photo Credit: Dustin Brice “Do we really need to move to China?” This was our 5-year old Pablo’s question two weeks before we said goodbye to New Jersey to move to Shanghai. How do you answer when your child asks you such a question, right after the last bedtime story? We […]

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Multilingual Musings

$5,500 for the World’s Best Language Learning

by Corey
Bilingual Families: $5,500 for the Best Language Learning in the World

We’ve made it! We have arrived in Germany! Let the German language and culture bath begin! After waiting in the Seattle airport for our flight…   And checking last minute email with free wi-fi in the Seattle airport…

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