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Teaching Very Young Multilingual Children How to Read and Write in Their Languages?

by Corey

We have a 2.5 year old daughter and speak Turkish at home.  Recently we moved to Cheyenne Wyoming.  I’m feeling concerned a bit about the future. What I have observed in my friends who grew up here is that their use of oral language is perfect, but writing is almost always a problem.

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Language Activity: ¿Qué hora es elefante?

by Corey
Multilingual-Bilingual Children Language Activities

This language activity was sent in by Jennifer Manriquez, a bilingual mom and founder of Bilingual Fun. You probably remember her and her products from our reviews in Multilingual Living Magazine.  Thank you for this tip, Jennifer!

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Can I Teach My Child a Language With DVDs, Videos and Books?

by expert

I don’t speak the language, but can I help my child learn it by using only DVDs, videos and books? DVDs and videos alone won’t teach a language, but it certainly can’t harm to try. At best it will sensitize the child to foreign sounds and help him acquire a passive knowledge of the language. […]

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