Multicolored (Multicultural) Butterfly

by contributor
Multilingual Living: Multicultural Butterfly

By Trisha Yonekura Photo Credit: Paul Wever Originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine “Come on, Bailey, let’s go,” I said waving good bye to his day care mates and the teachers. “Mommy, no English, please. My ears hurt,” came Bailey’s reply like a thousand needles right to my heart. I can understand how he feels. […]

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Ask an Expert

How Can We Help Our Adopted Child Become Bilingual?

by Madalena

Dear Madalena, We just recently brought home our 16 mo. old daughter from China.  We live in Germany.  My husband is German.  We have one daughter, who is bilingual in English and German.  We speak English at home but German outside the household. Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with the bilingualism […]

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French Activity

Family, Friends, and Français: Art and Drama

by contributor

By Sarah Dodson-Knight Photo credit: rick When you’re teaching a minority language to your children, you need to make it as interesting and as relevant to them as possible so that they see the language as useful and they really want to communicate in it. What better topic to focus on than friends and family! […]

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Expert Advice

Parents Partnering With Teachers to Bring Up Multilingual Children

by expert

By Karen Nemeth I work with preschools, Head Starts and child care programs all over the United States to help them be more effective in teaching young children who come from different language backgrounds. Everywhere I go, teachers ask me how they can work more effectively with parents to support their child’s education.  I believe […]

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Expert Advice

Does Bilingualism Cause Language Delay?

by Corey

One of the most consistent things I was warned about many years ago when my husband and I decided to both speak German with our swaddled babe in arms was language delay.  Everyone told me not to worry if my son didn’t start speaking until later, as bilingual children are known to start speaking later […]

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