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Bilingual Toddler on a Minority Language Holiday

by Corey
Bilingual Family - Multilingual child

This week we share a question from Lin who is about to embark on a holiday visit with her family. She is wondering whether or not it would be ok for her to switch to her child’s minority language during the visit in order to give her child a complete “minority-language-bath.” Should she go for […]

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We Are Relocating. Can I Change to Another Language with My Bilingual Child?

by expert

Dear Madalena We are a bilingual (Japanese-English) family living in Tokyo raising our three boys age 3 years old, and 4 months old twins. Our children were all born in Tokyo. We use OPOL at home and I speak to my children in English, but as my three year old attends Japanese daycare from 9:00 […]

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