Multilingual Living Email December 2012

by Corey

CLICK HERE to subscribe to the FREE Multilingual Living newsletter. December 2012 Dear Multilingual Living Friends, So sorry for the lack of newsletter emails at the end of this year! After Language Challenge 180, I kind of lost steam. We had a ton of fun focusing on weekly language activities but it took more work […]

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Growing Up Bilingual: Adolescence and Fitting In

by contributor

By Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert Being bilingual and a teenager can be challenging, for both parents and children. Adolescence is a period of change, all about finding an identity and fitting in with a group of friends. How do teenagers juggle speaking two languages and belonging to two nationalities or cultures? We know a great deal about […]

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Book Extracts

Extracts from Bilingual: Life and Reality – Chapter 17

by Corey

It is our great honor at Multilingual Living to publish this series of extracts from Professor François Grosjean’s new book Bilingual: Life and Reality, which has been nominated for the Edward Sapir Book Prize 2010. Prof. Grosjean knows intimately what he writes about: not only is he “one of the grand old men of research […]

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Expert Advice

Why Making Friends with the F-Word Is the Answer to Multilingual Parenting

by Corey

Been letting the “F” word take over again? It always seems to creep up when we least expect it, when we are feeling our best, feeling our strongest. Your kids tell you they don’t want to use your language anymore and wham, the “F” word raises its ugly head. Your neighbor tells you a story […]

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I Know Why You Are Really Raising Your Children Multilingually

by Corey

I know why you are raising your children multilingually. Really, I do! It’s actually fairly simple.  Yet, we like to fancy it up with statements like: “I am raising my children in more than one language because it is good for their brains.” Which is true. Or… “Multilingualism has so many benefits, I can’t even […]

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