Bilingual Homeschooling: How to Use Visual Dictionaries & Word Books for Language Learning

by Maria

By Maria Hawkin Photo credit: Le Petit Poulailler Once we started down the bilingual parenting road seven years ago (see my post on how we got started) I was energized and passionate and jumped in with both feet.  I was reconnecting with my Spanish language and culture that I had often ignored since college and […]

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giveaways and contests

Speekee TV Giveaway

by Corey

As many of you know, my family and I really like the Spanish language learning program Speekee. I’ve raved about it many times.  My latest comments are in my Language Challenge 101 – Week Thirteen video.  However, for those of you around the world who aren’t able to play PAL DVDs, you haven’t been able […]

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Las Hojas Estan Cambiando (The Leaves Are Changing): Part Two

by Maria

Photo Credit: Steven Deplo Maria Hawkins is a former public school teacher who now homeschools her children in English and Spanish. We asked Maria if she would be willing to share her teaching and language knowledge to create Spanish language lessons for families to utilize at home (or the classroom) with their children.  She agreed! […]

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Ask an Expert

An American Family Living in Spain – Will My Son Be OK in School?

by Corey

My husband and I live in southern Spain with our four young children. Two boys (ages six and four) as well as two girls (ages two and one). We have decided to enroll our children in the local Spanish schools. So far this has been hardest on my six year old as he does not […]

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Language Tips

9 Tips for Successful Language Learning

by Corey

By Corey Heller As we all know, studying a language is different from living a language.  While learning a new language has been made as easy as getting an online masters degree, there has to be a directed and purposeful process that occurs when we study a language. This makes sense: as adults, we already […]

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