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The Diga-Diga Syndrome. Or: Confessions of a Worrisome Trilingual Parent

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta Originally appeared in April 2006 on the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network. Photo Credit: gazzaPax As if parenthood doesn’t give us enough to worry about as it is, with bilingual children we worry just a tad bit more. One particular pet-worry is our children’s speech development. Counting and analyzing our children’s words as they […]

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Expert Advice

Ask François Grosjean: What About More Than Two Languages in a Multilingual Family?

by Corey

While Prof. Emeritus François Grosjean was working on his wonderful book Bilingual: Life and Reality, he asked me to send him a list of questions that I felt weighed the heaviest on the minds of parents raising multilingual children. It is my honor to present both my questions and Prof. Grosjean’s answers here at Multilingual […]

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Learning French in and Around the Garden: Part One

by contributor

It is with pleasure that I introduce a new regular contributor: Sarah Dodson-Knight. Many of you know Sarah from her blog Bringing up Baby Bilingual and from her insightful columns in Multilingual Living Magazine where she shared her experiences teaching her nephew French and preparing to raise her own newborn in non-native French!  Welcome to […]

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