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Trilingual Child with ADHD – Doctor Says to Switch to Fewer Languages

by Corey

Dear Madalena, My husband (German) and I (Singaporean) have two children, aged 5 and 7.  He speaks German to them, I speak Chinese (even though English is my L1 and Chinese my second language).  Between us, my husband and I speak English.  I am fluent in German.  Our children were born in Germany and we […]

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We Are Mixing Languages All the Time! Are We Confusing Our Multilingual Child?

by Corey

I am Brazilian, my husband is American and we live in France with our 4 months old daughter. My husband and I are both fluent in French and English, and he understands Portuguese pretty well and is working on speaking it. I mostly speak Portuguese to our daughter, and he mostly speaks English.  Our family […]

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Monolingual Envy

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta There are times when I wish we were just like the ordinary monolingual family next door. Let’s call them the Schmidts – The Schmidts just speak the majority language German all the time. They don’t wake up every morning wondering what language to speak. They don’t need to worry about whether OPOL […]

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