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Top 10 Ways We Sabotage Our Children’s Bilingualism

by Corey

By Corey Heller Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov As parents of bilingual children, we talk about our children’s language skills a lot. We examine vocabulary and grammar, syntax and pronunciation. We worry about speech impediments and language delays. We tell others that  our children can speak the community language perfectly but secretly wonder if they are […]

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Why Don’t My Bilingual Children Care? Blame the Daycare Lady!

by Corey

By Corey Heller Over and over again I hear parents of multilingual children around the world sigh in frustration when they talk about their efforts. Day in and day out, week after week, year after year we do what we can to raise our children multilingually and multiculturally but it feels like we are having […]

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The School Director Disagrees with Raising Children Bilingually

by contributor

By Isabelle Lazonde My son is 5 now but when he was 2 it was suspected he had a learning difficulty. He didn’t speak much and the words took a while to get out. We were worried naturally. I speak English to him and my husband French, given those are our native languages. On starting […]

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Multilingual Lives Interview with Prof. Aneta Pavlenko

by Corey
Prof. Aneta Pavlenko (left) and Prof. Jean-Marc Dewaele (right)

A delightful conversation between Prof. Aneta Pavelenko and me (Corey Heller) was the inspiration for this line of Multilingual Lives interviews which first appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine.  As these interviews show, the joy of multilingualism is that we are not tied down to one language and one culture.  We find identity and enjoyment from […]

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Hitting a Multilingual Parenting Roadblock

by Corey

Every once in a while, our multilingual parenting journey loses its luster.  It starts to feel heavy and exhausting rather than light and easy and we start to wonder why we are putting in all of this effort.  Is it really worth it?  We all hit these roadblocks at some point along the way. All […]

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