DinoLingo Portuguese for Children: A Review

by Corey
DinoLingo Portuguese language product review - bilingual child

While putting things together for Language Challenge 180, I was on the look out for language learning products for children in a variety of languages. Since my family and I have focused primarily on Spanish, French and German, I already knew about products those languages. However, what about languages that you are looking for, like […]

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How How Can I Encourage My Husband To Speak His Language with Our Bilingual Daughter?

by Corey

Before I ask my question I’d like to thank you for all of your good work. My question is how to convince my husband to speak to our daughter in “his” language. My daughter is going to be 3 years old in November. We speak English at home and I speak to my daughter in […]

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Will Teaching Our Multilingual Child Sign Language Help Or Hinder?

by expert

Both my nephews learned baby sign language with their parents, and could sign simple things before they were one. They continued to use baby sign language even as they learned how to speak… it was in a way their “second language”. My sister-in-law sent me the DVD about baby sign language and recommended it to […]

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