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How Can We Become Trilingual?

by expert
Three Flowers

We are bilingual, but want to be trilingual. How do we add another language? Assuming that moving abroad is out of question right now – you can try to enlist outside “help” with the third language, like acquiring a nanny, or sending your child to playgroups, kindergartens and schools that represents the third language. It […]

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Expert Advice

Should I Give Up Raising My Child Bilingually?

by Corey
Too Difficult

When it becomes too difficult… should we give up bilingualism? L et’s take a moment to talk about problems. The really big ones.  For instance, divorce, family conflicts, relocation,  serious illnesses and death. We all have to deal with some (or all) of these issues at one point or another during our lifetimes.

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Getting Started

How Multilingual Families Can Start a Language Playgroup!

by Corey
Up Close and Laughing

Where are all those other families with kids who speak your language? Stop wondering and start a language playgroup! Help families like yours meet and get to know each other! By Corey Heller D o you assume that a language playgroup is just for the kids? Think again! Parents are finding that they are having […]

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Language Tips

Books, Books and More Books for Your Bilingual Child!

by Corey
Books Books Books

Repeat after me: Books, books and more books!  You can never have enough books for your bilingual child. Where should all of these books be?  In your home within easy grasp of your bilingual child. You’ll want to make sure to have as many books as possible in your language and you’ll want to read […]

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