The ABCs of Multilingual Parenting: The Letter T

by Corey

T is for… Time! When it comes to raising children multilingually, there are actually very few absolute rules for how to go about it. However, there is one element that is key: time! Unless your children are exposed to the language(s) a lot, they are not going to have a chance to become multilingual. Time […]

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General Multilingualism

QUIZ: What Type of Multilingual Parent Are You?

by Corey
Head to Head

By Alice Lapuerta Originally published in Multilingual Living Magazine What type of multilingual parent do you think you are? Take our quiz and find out. Make sure to answer honestly! You might be surprised at the results. Not happy with the results? Don’t take them too seriously! This quiz is just for fun. However, it […]

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Expert Advice

Why Making Friends with the F-Word Is the Answer to Multilingual Parenting

by Corey
Woman with hand on head

Been letting the “F” word take over again? It always seems to creep up when we least expect it, when we are feeling our best, feeling our strongest. Your kids tell you they don’t want to use your language anymore and wham, the “F” word raises its ugly head. Your neighbor tells you a story […]

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Expert Advice

Who Says You Can’t Raise Your Children Bilingually?

by Corey
Multilingual Children You Can Do It!

By Corey Heller You can raise your children bilingually. Let me repeat… You can raise your children bilingually. I know this comes as a surprise to many people, especially those who feel they couldn’t master another language if their life depended upon it, let alone share the language with their children.  But not only can […]

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Expert Advice

The #1 Language Ingredient For Raising Multilingual Children

by Corey
Mother and son

As parents of multilingual children, we are often plagued by a myriad of concerns, especially when it comes to our multilingual children speaking.  We wonder if our children’s speech delay has anything to do with us raising them multilingually.  We worry about our multilingual children mixing their languages.  We fret when our children all of […]

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