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Should I Stop Trying to Help?

by Corey
Bilingual Family - Multilingual child

When is it ok for a parent use a non-native language with his or her child(ren)? Does it matter whether or not the non-native language parent is absolutely fluent? Or does every little bit count when it comes to helping our children become bilingual? Please share your wisdom with Nicholas who isn’t sure what he […]

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Raising Bilingual Children: The Non-Native Gone Astray?

by Corey
Raising Bilingual Children in Non-Native Language

By Corey Heller Photo credit: eamoncurry123 As many of you know, my husband is German and I am American. I met him in Galway, Ireland during an education abroad program in 1991, fell in love with him in 1992 and life hasn’t been the same since. (In a good way, that is!) After Ireland I […]

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