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This Is Why I Am Raising My Child Bilingually

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This Is Why I Am Raising My Child Bilingually

By Jeffrey Nelson Photo Credit: Another Sergio My name is Jeffrey Nelson. I am an American, however three years ago I married my Mexican princess and we now live in the Midwestern United States. We met in Denver, CO almost four years ago and our son, Liam, is now almost one year old. This is […]

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Do We Really Need to Move to China?

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Multilingual Family: Moving to China

By Franck & Cristina Photo Credit: Dustin Brice “Do we really need to move to China?” This was our 5-year old Pablo’s question two weeks before we said goodbye to New Jersey to move to Shanghai. How do you answer when your child asks you such a question, right after the last bedtime story? We […]

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Piffies on Rock Buns: Multilingual Parenting with a Yorkshire Twist

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By Suze Nowak Photo credit: jaaron “Come on Finje, get a twitch on. We have to leave now. I’m sitting here like Piffy on a rock bun!” Finje’s expression, when she eventually appeared at the top of the stairs, was questioning. I, no doubt due to a combination of advancing old age and last minute […]

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Language Challenge 180

Technology to Help Children Learn a New Language: 10 Minutes at a Time

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By Franck & Cristina Photo credit: flickingerbrad Technology is a tremendous help when teaching children a new language, especially for time-starved parents. At the same time, screen time should to be limited to what we, as parents, believe is appropriate. In our family, technology is a definite help when exposing our children to French, Spanish […]

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QUIZ: What Type of Multilingual Parent Are You?

by Corey
Head to Head

By Alice Lapuerta Originally published in Multilingual Living Magazine What type of multilingual parent do you think you are? Take our quiz and find out. Make sure to answer honestly! You might be surprised at the results. Not happy with the results? Don’t take them too seriously! This quiz is just for fun. However, it […]

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