Children Reshaping Our Memories of Home

by Corey

By Corey Heller This originally appeared in 2008 at An American Between Worlds. I grew up in the foothills of northern California and have always had mixed feelings about the place. It is a small town and I grew up in a small house on two acres surrounded by oaks, manzanita, deer and quiet – […]

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Motherless in Seattle

by Corey

Today I would like to honor my mother, Sharon Kathleen Spellman, with this post.  It is the two year anniversary of her passing after her long, painful struggle with breast cancer.  I love you, mom! This post goes out to all of our mothers, especially those living apart from us in other countries and continents […]

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Expert Advice

Can I Sometimes Switch To Another Language With My Multilingual Children?

by Corey
Coreys mother, Sharon, with her first born bilingual grandson.

My children and I used to speak English with one another for a few weeks every couple of months.  We’d prepare ahead of time for the event by discussing our plans in detail and my kids would get excited about the whole thing, “Three more days, right Mama?  Three more days until we will be […]

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