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Biliteracy: Teaching Bilingual Children to Read and Write in More Than One Alphabet

by Corey

By Corey Heller Photo credit: Henry Scott As you have already read in Bilingual Homeschooling: Reading and Writing in More Than one Language and Biliteracy: Reading and Writing Starts with the Words Around Us, helping our children to learn to read and write in more than one language is 1 part teaching and 9 parts […]

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Language Refresh 101

Don’t Rely on Your Native Speaker Partner Too Much for Second Language Learning!

by contributor

By Melissa Dedina Photo credit: Wonderlane Language classes are fantastic. I know I could never have learned my second language without a textbook and a teacher to go through it with me, because that’s just how my brain works. However, I did eventually get to the point where the classroom setting couldn’t teach me much […]

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Ask an Expert

How Do Parents Help Bilingual Children Learn to Read and Write in Both Languages?

by expert

How do parents help their bilingual children build not only oral fluency but also writing and reading fluency in both languages? — Abe

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Ask an Expert

I Am Multilingual. What Is the Best Way to Go About Speaking Two Languages With My Child?

by Corey

I am a Capeverdian-Italian living in Holland with a Dutch husband and our 10 month-old son, Alexander. I have lived in different countries, speak 6 languages fluently and feel emotionally and culturally attached to 4 of them. During my pregnancy, I had a hard time deciding which language to speak to our child, but finally […]

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Expert Advice

Swearing and Naughty Words in Two Languages

by expert

By Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert Becoming fluent in another language is only complete when you have mastered the swearwords. Formal or school classes simply don’t teach them. Knowing them is not enough, because getting them wrong can make you look immature. Swearing confidently in another language is a true skill only learnt from being immersed in the […]

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