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General Multilingualism

Urban Youth Linguistic Practices?

by Jacomine
Urban linguistic youth practices?

By Jacomine Nortier Photo credit: Arthur Pennant In this article I will tell you about language use of young people in ethnically mixed peer groups. They are skilled and creative language mixers. In-group language In our family a table-mat is called a vudding, which is derived from the word our oldest daughter used as a […]

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We Are Mixing Languages All the Time! Are We Confusing Our Multilingual Child?

by Corey

I am Brazilian, my husband is American and we live in France with our 4 months old daughter. My husband and I are both fluent in French and English, and he understands Portuguese pretty well and is working on speaking it. I mostly speak Portuguese to our daughter, and he mostly speaks English.  Our family […]

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Addled Brains, Twisted Tongues and Learning English with Dr. Seuss

by Alice
The author's son, Niki, with his Dr. Seuss book in hand

By Alice Lapuerta I am suffering from postpartum dementia. I forget half the things on my shopping list. I forgot my ATM pin number the other day. You know that feeling when you go into a room to get something only to stand there, wondering what was it that you wanted here, again? Happens to […]

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Language Switching with Your Bilingual Child When It Counts

by Corey

By Corey Heller My middle son had a birthday party today and as usual we invited our varied mix of friends: German-speakers, Spanish-speakers, English-speakers, homeschoolers, traditionally-schooled, young, old, babies, dads, moms, sisters and brothers.  I was so very impressed with how well a group of people can come together and find common ground for conversation […]

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