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Which Language Method Should We Choose With Our Baby: OPOL or ML@H?

by expert

Dear Madalena, I wonder if you could please help us. We are going to have a baby soon, I am Spanish, my partner is English and we live in Spain. At first we thought we would go for the “minority language at home” method, in our case, English. However, I don’t trust myself to speak […]

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The OPOL-Fanatics

by contributor

By Christiane Küchler Williams Hallo – we would like to introduce ourselves… We are the OPOL-Fanatics! If you have read about some bilingual theories, you have probably come across the term “OPOL” – it is the abbreviation for “One-Parent-One-Language” – and it is the mantra of our family. We adhere to it religiously, we are […]

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Monolingual Envy

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta There are times when I wish we were just like the ordinary monolingual family next door. Let’s call them the Schmidts – The Schmidts just speak the majority language German all the time. They don’t wake up every morning wondering what language to speak. They don’t need to worry about whether OPOL […]

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