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Language Learning: Climb Past the Saddle!

by contributor

By Aaron Myers Resting square in the center of Colorado sits Mount Princeton a 14,197 foot mountain that is part of the Collegiate Peaks range just outside of the quite mountain town of Buena Vista.  I spent four summers in the shadow of Mount Princeton as a whitewater rafting guide on the Arkansas River.  I […]

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Language Refresh 101

Language REFRESH 101 – Week 14

by Corey

We are almost at the end of Language REFRESH 101. Can you believe it? I have learned so much about what works for me in keeping German alive as well as a bunch of tips from Melissa Dedina’s posts (you can find all of them under the Language REFRESH 101 link). Week 14 Video In […]

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Language Refresh 101

7 Tips to Supercharge Your Second Language

by contributor

By Melissa Dedina Photo credit: Christian Haugen Language classes are fantastic. I know I could never have learned my second language without a textbook and a teacher to go through it with me, because that’s just how my brain works. However, I did eventually get to the point where the classroom setting couldn’t teach me […]

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Language Tips

9 Tips for Successful Language Learning

by Corey

By Corey Heller As we all know, studying a language is different from living a language.  While learning a new language has been made as easy as getting an online masters degree, there has to be a directed and purposeful process that occurs when we study a language. This makes sense: as adults, we already […]

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