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We Are Relocating. Can I Change to Another Language with My Bilingual Child?

by expert

Dear Madalena We are a bilingual (Japanese-English) family living in Tokyo raising our three boys age 3 years old, and 4 months old twins. Our children were all born in Tokyo. We use OPOL at home and I speak to my children in English, but as my three year old attends Japanese daycare from 9:00 […]

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An Apology For Being “Inconsistent”

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta Originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine. One thing I’ve been confused about in our multilingualism-adventure is the “consistency” factor. It crops up everywhere: Bilingualism yes, but make sure you’re consistent. Choose a method and stick to it. But always be consistent! This worries me. For there seems to be an unspoken, unwritten […]

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Language Switching with Your Bilingual Child When It Counts

by Corey

By Corey Heller My middle son had a birthday party today and as usual we invited our varied mix of friends: German-speakers, Spanish-speakers, English-speakers, homeschoolers, traditionally-schooled, young, old, babies, dads, moms, sisters and brothers.  I was so very impressed with how well a group of people can come together and find common ground for conversation […]

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