The Torn Bilingual Soul?

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta Let’s talk about “Bilingual Identity.” The split bilingual soul. The fragmented personality, the eternal half, the uprooted Third Culture Kid eternally searching for home. It is interesting that whenever I read something on the “Bilingual identity,” I do so with complete detachment. It takes a while for it to sink in: they […]

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Things in the Attic: Of Cassette Tapes, Memories and Forgotten Languages

by Alice
The author

By Alice Lapuerta The things one finds when one rummages through the attic. An old shoe box with dusty cassette tapes, for instance.   The sweet voice of a little girl babbling away, telling stories, singing songs. That was me, when I was 5 years old. How surreal, listening to one’s childhood self. What totally […]

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Little Fleeting Moments of Our Bicultural Identity

by contributor

By Irène Nam People commonly define culture by the customary beliefs, social forms, food and political inclinations of a country. So for a very long time, growing up in a bicultural environment did not mean anything more relevant to me than eating rice with a fork. What I realized though was how a Korean television […]

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Kazakhstan! How My Multilingual Child Learned to Write

by Alice
Kazakhstan (the German spelling) written by Dominik

By Alice Lapuerta Yesterday Dominik’s Kindergarten teacher had a bit of a crisis. She approached me, her face serious. “You know what your son did today?” Uh-oh. He probably threw a tantrum. He refused to share the Thomas train with another kid. He peed in his pants. He threw the puzzles out of the window. […]

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Expert Advice

Trilingualism? Just Do It!

by Alice
Alice with family

 The author, Alice Lapuerta, with her husband and daughter By Alice Lapuerta This originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine. When we first embarked our multilingual adventure, my husband and I had a problem: we did not speak each other’s languages. Even though we communicated in English with each other, we decided to use our mother […]

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