Dino Lingo Japanese for Children: A Review

by Corey

While putting things together for Language Challenge 180, I was delighted to come across a new company producing language learning products specifically for children in 30 different languages: Dino Lingo! For families looking for children’s language learning products to use at home (homeschoolers, children who haven’t yet started school, after school practice, etc.) this is […]

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Multicolored (Multicultural) Butterfly

by contributor
Multilingual Living: Multicultural Butterfly

By Trisha Yonekura Photo Credit: Paul Wever Originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine “Come on, Bailey, let’s go,” I said waving good bye to his day care mates and the teachers. “Mommy, no English, please. My ears hurt,” came Bailey’s reply like a thousand needles right to my heart. I can understand how he feels. […]

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Language Transitions: My Favorite Time of Day

by contributor

By Trisha Yonekura Originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine Bundled up in a puffy down coat and a knit cap, he almost pulls my arm off with his excitement. “Today I played with Hiroto-kun and ate an orange and blew bubbles.  Mommy, I am so good at blowing bubbles,” the words flow out in Japanese. […]

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Week in Review

Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – May 1st

by Corey
laptop and fish

This is a review of the articles, Tweets, Facebook posts and more which went out this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe. Thank you everyone for sharing your tips, tweets, emails and more with me! Were it not for you, this post wouldn’t even be here! Where’s the Asian Support? This week Sam […]

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Ask an Expert

We Are Relocating. Can I Change to Another Language with My Bilingual Child?

by expert

Dear Madalena We are a bilingual (Japanese-English) family living in Tokyo raising our three boys age 3 years old, and 4 months old twins. Our children were all born in Tokyo. We use OPOL at home and I speak to my children in English, but as my three year old attends Japanese daycare from 9:00 […]

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