General Multilingualism

Multilingual Children Can Learn Languages Effortlessly

by Corey
multilingual child, trilingual child, bilingual child

As we have been hearing about for many years from renowned researchers, the benefits of bilingualism abound. Even as far back as the early days of Multilingual Living Magazine, we published one article after another showing why multilingualism is the best way to go (we even discussed Prof. Bialystok’s research on Alzheimer’s patients long before […]

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Expert Advice

Does Learning Languages Make Kids Smarter? Bialystok, Petitto and Gazzellone Share Their Thoughts

by Corey

Although we included this video in our May 1st Week in Review post, I wanted to create a separate post for it. Why? Because it is just that good! Watch it below to find out for yourself and then spread the word! What did you think of the video? Are you left with unanswered questions? […]

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Week in Review

Multilingual Living’s Week in Review – June 6

by Corey

This is a review of the interesting articles, Twitters, Facebook posts and more which took place this week in and around our Multilingual Living universe.  Thank you everyone for sharing your tips with me!  Keep them coming!

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Multilingual Lives Interview with Prof. Aneta Pavlenko

by Corey

A delightful conversation between Prof. Aneta Pavelenko and me (Corey Heller) was the inspiration for this line of Multilingual Lives interviews which first appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine.  As these interviews show, the joy of multilingualism is that we are not tied down to one language and one culture.  We find identity and enjoyment from […]

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