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Immersion School: 4 Hurdles to Overcome Before Choosing One

by Corey
Immersion School: How to Choose

This is part two in a series of posts from Marcela Hede. Read her first post How to Have a Perfect Bilingual Immersion for Your Child without Losing Your Mind for background on the following Part 2 post. Phone calls, letters, emails, Skype sessions… You name it I did it, all to find the right […]

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An American Family Living in Spain – Will My Son Be OK in School?

by Corey

My husband and I live in southern Spain with our four young children. Two boys (ages six and four) as well as two girls (ages two and one). We have decided to enroll our children in the local Spanish schools. So far this has been hardest on my six year old as he does not […]

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