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My Parents Treat My Adopted, Mixed-Race Son Differently

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Sad Look

Dear Harriet, We are a mixed race couple with an adopted mixed race four year old son. I can see my parents showing preferential treatment towards my sisters’ children who are not mixed race and are not adopted. I thought my parents were more fair minded. I am very hurt and angry. How shall I handle this?

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Ask Harriet: My Spouse Doesn’t Speak My Language

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Dear Harriet, I am from Argentina and my husband is From the US. We have always spoken English together. Now we have a 6 month old baby, Maria, and I want to raise her bilingually. In theory my husband is in agreement but he doesn’t speak Spanish. I am worried if I speak only Spanish […]

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Multicultural Families – Identity and Change

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By Harriet Cannon, M.C. Photo Credit: Hyeyoung Kim The twenty first century is a brave new world of global connections, and multicultural relationships and marriages. While this brings unparalleled creativity and choice about how we live our lives, there is a shadow side to diversity. The shadow side can loom heavily in relationships where husbands […]

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