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My Parents Treat My Adopted, Mixed-Race Son Differently

by expert

Dear Harriet, We are a mixed race couple with an adopted mixed race four year old son. I can see my parents showing preferential treatment towards my sisters’ children who are not mixed race and are not adopted. I thought my parents were more fair minded. I am very hurt and angry. How shall I handle this?

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What’s The Point of Speaking a Dialect with our Multilingual Children?

by contributor

By Isabelle Lazonde I asked myself a question the other day: Am I quadralingual? I speak English, Italian and French, but what about the Sicilian, does it count? Indeed, it is quite different from Standard Italian. The question is less about me, as I am a fluent speaker, but what about my children? Should I […]

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Will My Bilingual Child Lose a Language?

by expert

It is often the case that the strengths of a person’s two languages tend to vary across time.  As there is more or less exposure to one language, as different people such as brothers and sisters enter the family situation, as schooling starts and peer-group relationships grow, so does the language dominance and preference of […]

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Should I Give Up Raising My Child Bilingually?

by Corey

When it becomes too difficult… should we give up bilingualism? L et’s take a moment to talk about problems. The really big ones.  For instance, divorce, family conflicts, relocation,  serious illnesses and death. We all have to deal with some (or all) of these issues at one point or another during our lifetimes.

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Growing Up Bilingual: Interview with Sami Grover

by contributor

Sami Grover, the son of the founders of Multilingual Matters, a publishing house dedicated to multilingualism, grew up bilingually in Finnish and English.  He used to be the editor of the well-known “Bilingual Family Newsletter” and currently lives in the United States with his wife and daughter. We hope you enjoy this exclusive interview he […]

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