Give Your Child the Gift of the French Language!

by Corey
bilingual child: french language program

In 2012 I was looking for ways families could help their children learn new languages and I came across a company producing language learning products specifically for children in a multitude of different languages: Dino Lingo! For families looking to teach young children a new language at home (homeschoolers, children who haven’t yet started school, […]

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General Multilingualism

Bilingual Families: Can You Have Too Many Dictionaries?

by Corey
Can You Have Too Many Dictonaries?

By Clare Jones Photo credit: Muffet I recently discovered the excellent site AJATT (All Japanese All the Time). No, I’m not learning Japanese but the blogger, khatzumoto, has much to say about language learning in general, and I’d really recommend you take a look. One thing he said was this: if you have to stand […]

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Bilingual Storytime: What Is It? How Do I Do It? Will Anyone Come?

by contributor
bilingual storytime what is it how do I do it will anyone come

By Rebecca Grossberg “La la la….une balle!” “You found my ball!” “Cette balle est à toi?” “Yes, I threw it from over there.” “Tu l’as lancée de là-bas?”  And so begins storytime at the Wazemmes branch of the Lille, France public library. (Above is an extract from Watch Me Throw the Ball! translated as  Chacun […]

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Language Challenge 180

Flirting with the French (Language)

by Corey
flirting with the french language

By Corey Heller Photo credit: Neil Conway I admit it, I’ve been flirting. A lot. And what started as a fun little fling turned into a full-blown affair. He’s suave, debonair and hot-blooded. His accent is fantastic, he’s always available and I feel great when I’m with him. (And yes, my German husband knows all […]

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Language Challenge 180

Maintain Your Language Even When You Don’t Live in a Country Where It Is Spoken

by contributor
maintain your languages even if you don't live in a country where they are spoken

By Andrew Photo credit: coureagextoxlive Maintaining our languages can be relatively easy to do (compared to learning them in the first place) but only if we have the time to do it. We have our day-to-day routine (work, errands, school, conversing with local friends, etc.) which takes up much of our time and which also […]

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