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Bilingual Family: My Husband’s Language Is Making Me Feel Isolated

by Corey
Bilingual Family - Multilingual child

Eva from Canada sent the following message to Multilingual Living asking for advice. Being that many of us multilingual families can relate to Eva’s situation, we hope that you will take a moment to leave a comment for Eva to help her find a solution to her difficult feelings of isolation. Please be kind in […]

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Language Challenge 180

Helping Children Learn a New Language: 10 Minutes at a Time

by contributor
Bilingual children 10 minutes a day

By Franck & Cristina Photo credit: jules:stonesoup Learning a new language is a fascinating experience. It can be transformational. Your perceptions about the people, their culture and traditions can change significantly. Instilling the love of learning languages in our children makes the whole experience even stronger. But how and when do we actually do it? […]

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Language Challenge 101

Language Challenge 101 – Week Seven

by Corey

¡Hola, amigos! Welcome to week seven of Multilingual Living’s Language Challenge 101 – learning a language over the course of 101 days. If you missed our first few weeks, just click on the Language Challenge 101 button on the very left of this website page and you’ll find everything we have done so far.

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Expert Advice

Trilingualism? Just Do It!

by Alice

 The author, Alice Lapuerta, with her husband and daughter By Alice Lapuerta This originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine. When we first embarked our multilingual adventure, my husband and I had a problem: we did not speak each other’s languages. Even though we communicated in English with each other, we decided to use our mother […]

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Expert Advice

Will My Trilingual Child Be Equally Fluent in All Three Languages?

by Alice

If we have three languages in our family, are my children going to be equally fluent in all languages and be able to speak them with native-like ability? Answer from Alice Lapuerta: The chances of acquiring equal, native-like fluency in all three languages is probably a bit unrealistic. As with bilingualism, language aptitude is subjected […]

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