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Raising Bilingual Children: Tips for When the Home Language Differs From the Community Language

by expert
raising bilingual children: Tips for When the Home Language Differs from the Community Language

By Ana Paula G. Mumy, MS, CCC-SLP Photo credit: istockphoto Be Intentional Realize that everyday activities such as mealtimes, getting dressed, bath time, and playtime are all opportunities for talking, teaching, and providing quality language exposure. Be intentional about ongoing verbal interactions about things, routines and events in your child’s life. Arrange for varied opportunities […]

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5 Concerns About Children Becoming Bilingual Answered by Prof. Fred Genesee

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Families around the world are raising bilingual children and living linguistically rich lives. Yet childhood bilingualism continues to be poorly understood. Why so many misconceptions and what can we learn from today’s research? By Fred Genesee Photo credit: Parker Michael Knight From Multilingual Living Magazine Language acquisition is an everyday and yet magical feat of […]

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Multilingualism & Disorders: When Should We Ask Another Speech-Language Therapist for a Second Opinion?

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Multilingualism is neither odd nor worrying: what is odd, and very worrying, are the views that persist about it. The topics in this Multilingualism & Disorders series aim at clarifying the misconceptions that associate multilingualism with disorders. Each topic offers a brief introduction to common questions, and includes one token reference, which either marks watershed […]

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Final Comments From François Grosjean to Q&A Series

by expert

These last eleven weeks we have benefited from the wisdom, knowledge and personal experiences of Prof. Emeritus François Grosjean, author of Bilingual: Life and Reality, in the eleven-part series: Ask François Grosjean.  (You can access all eleven Q&A at the bottom of this post as well as a link to Prof. Grosjean’s website page.) I […]

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We Are Mixing Languages All the Time! Are We Confusing Our Multilingual Child?

by Corey

I am Brazilian, my husband is American and we live in France with our 4 months old daughter. My husband and I are both fluent in French and English, and he understands Portuguese pretty well and is working on speaking it. I mostly speak Portuguese to our daughter, and he mostly speaks English.  Our family […]

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