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Should You Correct Your Bilingual Child’s Language Mistakes?

by Corey

By Corey Heller It’s late, I’m tired and I just want my little bilingual buggers to put on their PJ’s, brush their little teeth and get some Z’s.  I don’t want to mess around with begging and pleading and explaining why 10:00 is so very much later than 9:00 and that just because they don’t […]

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Language Activity: Time For Some Multilingual Spying!

by Corey
Multilingual-Bilingual Children Language Activities

Do you know about the game, “I Spy”? It is a great game to encourage your children to use your language (or at least to get your children listening to it), while they play with this game you can use the peli games! You basically describe something that you can see from where you are […]

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The #1 Language Ingredient For Raising Multilingual Children

by Corey

As parents of multilingual children, we are often plagued by a myriad of concerns, especially when it comes to our multilingual children speaking.  We wonder if our children’s speech delay has anything to do with us raising them multilingually.  We worry about our multilingual children mixing their languages.  We fret when our children all of […]

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Trilingualism? Just Do It!

by Alice

 The author, Alice Lapuerta, with her husband and daughter By Alice Lapuerta This originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine. When we first embarked our multilingual adventure, my husband and I had a problem: we did not speak each other’s languages. Even though we communicated in English with each other, we decided to use our mother […]

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Are You Fluent Enough to Raise Your Child In a Second Language?

by Corey

Raising a child in a non-native language is a hot topic these days.  What with the cost of language schools out of reach for most parents and a lack of native-speaking family members and friends nearby, raising our children in a non-native language has become a desirable option. The question on most parents’ minds, however, […]

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