On Multicultural Marriages, Burnt Potatoes and Why Life Is Beautiful

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta Photo credit: Aaron Alexander There are days when I just feel completely overwhelmed by over-boiling cooking pots, poopy underwear (yeah we are regressing again with potty training), colicky screams, endless piles of dirty laundry and annoying household machines that just keep breaking down in the most inconvenient moment (like our washing machine […]

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Kazakhstan! How My Multilingual Child Learned to Write

by Alice
Kazakhstan (the German spelling) written by Dominik

By Alice Lapuerta Yesterday Dominik’s Kindergarten teacher had a bit of a crisis. She approached me, her face serious. “You know what your son did today?” Uh-oh. He probably threw a tantrum. He refused to share the Thomas train with another kid. He peed in his pants. He threw the puzzles out of the window. […]

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What to Do About Spanish. Otra vez!

by Alice

By Alice Lapuerta What to do about that Other Language? The third one. The one that is definitely under-represented in our household, because the native speaker who is supposed to represent it, aka The Hubby, is not always here to speak it, on account of a very demanding full-time job that includes frequent business trips […]

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