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Trilingual Child with ADHD – Doctor Says to Switch to Fewer Languages

by Corey

Dear Madalena, My husband (German) and I (Singaporean) have two children, aged 5 and 7.  He speaks German to them, I speak Chinese (even though English is my L1 and Chinese my second language).  Between us, my husband and I speak English.  I am fluent in German.  Our children were born in Germany and we […]

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Multilingualism & Disorders: When Should We Ask Another Speech-Language Therapist for a Second Opinion?

by expert

Multilingualism is neither odd nor worrying: what is odd, and very worrying, are the views that persist about it. The topics in this Multilingualism & Disorders series aim at clarifying the misconceptions that associate multilingualism with disorders. Each topic offers a brief introduction to common questions, and includes one token reference, which either marks watershed […]

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