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Learning to Read and Write in the Multilingual Family: Chapter 2

by expert

What bilingual or multilingual family is not at least curious about how to raise biliterate and multiliterate children? Yet it can seem like a daunting task. Helping our children speak another language may already be a challenge, how can we even begin to think about teaching our children to read and write in additional languages? […]

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Multilingual ABC

The ABCs of Multilingual Parenting: The Letter R

by Corey

R is for… Read, Read, Read! We are hitting the letter R just in time for our series of posts on biliteracy! How perfect! When it comes to multilingual parenting, the key is to incorporate reading every way you can. Here are some examples that can make all the difference in your multilingual household: Make […]

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Biliteracy: Teach Your Bilingual Child to Read and Write in Your Language

by Corey

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver School is finishing in many places around the world. Children are looking forward to lazy days on the grass, swimming under the hot sun and chasing sprinkler rainbows across the yard. Ah, the joys of childhood. Summertime is also a time for reading – under trees, on the beach, lounging on […]

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We Won the Multilingual Matters Award for Multilingualism in the Community!

by Corey

Multilingual Living is delighted to announce that we won the 2010 Multilingual Matters Award for Multilingualism in the Community! I cannot even begin to tell you what an honor it is to win this award from such a respected group of multilingual experts.

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Language Challenge 101

Language Challenge 101: Let the Spanish Language Learning Begin!

by Corey

Are you up for the challenge? Of course you are! Many of you have read the magazine, have read the blog posts, and have sent me emails asking how, exactly, one goes about learning a new language together with kids. I hear you! It just isn’t as straightforward as we’d all like it to be, […]

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Language Activity: Choose Books Without Words!

by Corey
Multilingual-Bilingual Children Language Activities

Multilingual Living reader, Ida, sent in the following creative reading tip.  Thank you Ida for taking the time to share this with us! We all know that books are important for the child’s language development and that they can be used as a wonderful source of new words. This is especially true for parents that […]

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Multilingual Lives Interview with Prof. Aneta Pavlenko

by Corey
Prof. Aneta Pavlenko (left) and Prof. Jean-Marc Dewaele (right)

A delightful conversation between Prof. Aneta Pavelenko and me (Corey Heller) was the inspiration for this line of Multilingual Lives interviews which first appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine.  As these interviews show, the joy of multilingualism is that we are not tied down to one language and one culture.  We find identity and enjoyment from […]

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Expert Advice

The #1 Language Ingredient For Raising Multilingual Children

by Corey
Mother and son

As parents of multilingual children, we are often plagued by a myriad of concerns, especially when it comes to our multilingual children speaking.  We wonder if our children’s speech delay has anything to do with us raising them multilingually.  We worry about our multilingual children mixing their languages.  We fret when our children all of […]

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Expert Advice

Are You Fluent Enough to Raise Your Child In a Second Language?

by Corey
Mom and son

Raising a child in a non-native language is a hot topic these days.  What with the cost of language schools out of reach for most parents and a lack of native-speaking family members and friends nearby, raising our children in a non-native language has become a desirable option. The question on most parents’ minds, however, […]

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Expert Advice

Your Multilingual Child’s School Vocabulary In Your Language

by Corey
Teacher In Classroom

By Corey Heller This article originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine. Each day your child goes to school and picks up a tremendous amount of new vocabulary.  How can you even imagine keeping up with this kind of language explosion in your own language? The truth is, you can’t.  However, you can make a difference […]

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Expert Advice

Top 10 Reasons Your Children Aren’t Speaking Your Language

by Corey
Girls Whispering

By Corey Heller Wondering why your children are not speaking your language?  It is hard to say why one child will gladly speak a second (and third and fourth) language while another will resist it.  Below are the top 10 most likely reasons why they are not.  Do some of these resonate with your multilingual […]

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Expert Advice

Multilingual Envy – It Happens To the Best of Us

by Corey

By Corey Heller Photo credit: istockphoto The kids and I are walking down the sidewalk when we see a bunch of people standing outside the library waiting for it to open.  Kids are jumping on rocks and meandering through small bushes, adults sit on the benches reading books and chatting in the sunshine. What a […]

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