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A Multilingual & Multicultural Education – Luxembourg Style

by Corey
multilingual multicultural education luxemburg

By H.E. Rybol Photo credit: Claude Wians Whenever I tell people I grew up in Luxembourg, they look at me like a question mark. They have difficulties picturing… well, something. Fair enough, it’s a tiny country and not exactly an exotic destination known for its cozy climate. So, what is it like growing up in […]

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Immersion School: 4 Hurdles to Overcome Before Choosing One

by Corey
Immersion School: How to Choose

This is part two in a series of posts from Marcela Hede. Read her first post How to Have a Perfect Bilingual Immersion for Your Child without Losing Your Mind for background on the following Part 2 post. Phone calls, letters, emails, Skype sessions… You name it I did it, all to find the right […]

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Ask Multilingual Living

Multilingual Children: Which Language(s) Should We Use for Homework?

by Corey
Bilingual Family - Multilingual child

Multilingual children and homework: Please answer this post with your own tips & suggestions on how you go about helping your bilingual children!

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Ask an Expert

Dual Language Schools: Can Children with Speech Issues Attend?

by Madalena

Dear Madalena, I am a Dual Language Teacher at a school in El Paso, TX. We follow the 90/10 program at our District, which means that the instruction of the second language (in this case Spanish) starts at 90% in kindergarten and 1st grade and only 10% of English. Then as the students progress to […]

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Book Extracts

Extracts from Bilingual: Life and Reality – Chapter 19

by expert

It is our great honor at Multilingual Living to publish this series of extracts from Professor François Grosjean’s new book Bilingual: Life and Reality, which has been nominated for the Edward Sapir Book Prize 2010. Prof. Grosjean knows intimately what he writes about: not only is he “one of the grand old men of research […]

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