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Ask Harriet: My Spouse Doesn’t Speak My Language

by expert

Dear Harriet, I am from Argentina and my husband is From the US. We have always spoken English together. Now we have a 6 month old baby, Maria, and I want to raise her bilingually. In theory my husband is in agreement but he doesn’t speak Spanish. I am worried if I speak only Spanish […]

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Multicultural Families – Identity and Change

by expert

By Harriet Cannon, M.C. Photo Credit: Hyeyoung Kim The twenty first century is a brave new world of global connections, and multicultural relationships and marriages. While this brings unparalleled creativity and choice about how we live our lives, there is a shadow side to diversity. The shadow side can loom heavily in relationships where husbands […]

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Ask François Grosjean: How Can I Help My Bilingual Children Become Bicultural?

by Corey

While Prof. Emeritus François Grosjean was working on his wonderful book Bilingual: Life and Reality, he asked me to send him a list of questions that I felt weighed the heaviest on the minds of parents raising multilingual children. It is my honor to present both my questions and Prof. Grosjean’s answers here at Multilingual […]

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Little Fleeting Moments of Our Bicultural Identity

by contributor

By Irène Nam People commonly define culture by the customary beliefs, social forms, food and political inclinations of a country. So for a very long time, growing up in a bicultural environment did not mean anything more relevant to me than eating rice with a fork. What I realized though was how a Korean television […]

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Following the East Wind: An International Marriage, Part Two

by Corey

In Austria during the post-war reconstruction years, when foreigners were few and bicultural couples rare, a young Austrian girl and a Korean student met and fell in love. They were determined to overcome all obstacles in order to build a life together. This is their story. (Read Part One of this heart-warming story first.)  Waltraud […]

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