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Thank You Sandra! Thank You Madalena! Thank You Multilingual Living Friends!

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On May 25th , Multilingual Living posted an Ask Madalena question from a woman named Sandra who was writing on behalf of the Italian woman she tutors in English.  You can read her question and Madalena Cruz-Ferreira’s answer here: Help! Does He Have Language Delay, Autism or Neither? A few days ago, an email arrived […]

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Multilingualism & Disorders: Are There Any Disorders Which Are Caused By Bilingualism?

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Multilingualism is neither odd nor worrying: what is odd, and very worrying, are the views that persist about it. The topics in this Multilingualism & Disorders series aim at clarifying the misconceptions that associate multilingualism with disorders. Each topic offers a brief introduction to common questions, and includes one token reference, which either marks watershed […]

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