French Books at Your Bilingual Children’s Fingertips: Les Petits Livres

by Corey
Bilingual Children: French Books

Every time we travel to Europe to visit family, we return home with our luggage filled with books, books, books. As every multilingual family knows: It is essential to have books at home in our languages for our children. It helps keep our children’s bilingualism alive but it is also expensive (let alone all of […]

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Immersion School: 4 Hurdles to Overcome Before Choosing One

by Corey
Immersion School: How to Choose

This is part two in a series of posts from Marcela Hede. Read her first post How to Have a Perfect Bilingual Immersion for Your Child without Losing Your Mind for background on the following Part 2 post. Phone calls, letters, emails, Skype sessions… You name it I did it, all to find the right […]

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Ask Multilingual Living

Should I Stop Trying to Help?

by Corey
Bilingual Family - Multilingual child

When is it ok for a parent use a non-native language with his or her child(ren)? Does it matter whether or not the non-native language parent is absolutely fluent? Or does every little bit count when it comes to helping our children become bilingual? Please share your wisdom with Nicholas who isn’t sure what he […]

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Multilingual Family: Which Language Should I Teach My Child?

by contributor
Multilingual Child: Which Language Should We Choose?

By Jeffrey Nelson Photo credit: Jaymeekae @ istockphoto When looking at raising a bilingual child, one of the first questions, obviously, is which language to teach them. In some situations, like my own, the answer is fairly obvious because there are not a lot of options; or so it would appear. Our home language was […]

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Expert Advice

Multilingual Family: Read This Before You Call the Speech-Language Therapist!

by Corey
Multilingual Children: Speech-Language Therapist

Multilingual Children: Before you call the speech-language therapist about your bilingual or multilingual child, prepare yourself with our tip sheet.

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