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Multilingual Living
October 25, 2011
Dear Multilingual Living Friends,

The cold is upon us here in Seattle. As the leaves change to yellow, orange, red and purple, we find ourselves slowing down and spending more time indoors. This is a magical time of year. It is my favorite. Having the excuse to spend time snuggled on the sofa with my family reading books out loud is nothing short of pure bliss as far as I’m concerned.

Speaking of Seattle, things have been busy here when it comes to multilingualism. I was invited to give a number of talks to parenting groups and international schools these past few months, as well as seminars at Bellevue College about raising bilingual children. I am delighted to see the interest in bilingualism and childhood language development growing – how wonderful! I do hope that parents won’t get side-tracked by all of the research on babies that has been coming out (see “Is 12 Months Too Late?”). Language learning never ends – honestly! Stay focused on what you are doing as it works best for you and your family and you won’t go wrong!

You will most certainly enjoy the new articles which appeared on Multilingual Living these past few weeks! I had quite a back-log of guest articles that I hadn’t posted due to being out of town and busy with family obligations. Thus, these past few weeks have consisted of one guest post after another – and how fantastic these post have been!

Whether you are interested in how learning Spanish helps us understand English, how to use the internet to learn a new language, or whether a dual language school is appropriate for children with speech issues, you will find it on the home page of Multilingual Living.

The two articles, Our Summer Language Experiment and The Economic Value of Languages?, will provoke your contemplative powers. Is it ok to remove everything from your home that is in a specific language? What about helping officials in your country understand the economic value of speaking your language at home? These two articles discuss these issues and more!

The Multilingual Living Forum has been on fire lately with questions, discussions, answers and more! Head over there to see the latest chats or to add your own questions, observations and feedback!

Most importantly, we are sad to announce that Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, our Ask Madalena expert, will be stepping down from her years of answering your questions at Multilingual Living. Please read our post, The End of a Multilingual Living Era and leave a comment with some final thoughts and thank-yous for Madalena. You will also find out how we are going to thank Madalena for everything that she has done for us and multilingualism around the world.

Many Multilingual Wishes,

Corey Heller
Founder, Multilingual Living

P.S. October 31st is the last day to enter to win the Multilingualism in the Community Award at Multilingual Matters! Enter today to win!

Time to Say Goodbye

It is time to say thank you to Madalena Cruz-Ferreira who has done so much for Multilingual Living and multilingualism in general. Please thank her in the comment section of the following post:

The Economic Value of Languages?

What is the point of encouraging families to speak their languages at home? What if we could convince officials that there is an economic value to home languages, regardless of what those home languages are? Read the following post and let us know what you think: 


What would happen in your household if you replaced every book, DVD and magazine in your children’s room with only items in the minority language? Would your children freak out? Would they rebel? Or would they take it in stride (and strengthen their language along the way)?

Find out what happened in Christiane’s home when she did this and the lessons she learned from it:

12 Common Myths and Misconceptions

For those of you who are new to the Multilingual Living email list, you won’t want to miss a fantastic infographic that we put together from bilingual expert Barbara Zurer Pearson:


Latest Forum Discussions…

Here are just a few of the latest discussions taking place on the Multilingual Living Forum:

Benefits & Disadvantages of Bilingualism

We have been hearing about the benefits of bilingualism for a long time now. But what about the disadvantages of our way of life? Prof. Grosjean gives a glimpse into both sides of the coin in his latest blog post:


Read & Write in More Than One Orthography!

Did you miss this article last week? If so, check it out now!

Prof. Xiao-lei Wang shares an exclusive Multilingual Living post about how parents can help their children learn to read and write in more than one orthography! It is fantastic!

Teaching Children to Read and Write in More Than One Orthography: Tips for Parents

Stay tuned for the next giveaway!

Thank you everyone for entering our giveaway for Learning to Read and Write in the Multilingual Family!

Make sure to read our latest post to hear about an upcoming giveaway for another fantastic book!


Speech Issues & Dual Language School?

If a child has speech issues, wouldn’t it be best to have the child attend a monolingual school? That is what most speech-language therapists would recommend. What do you think? Read Madalena’s answer :


Is 12 Months Old Too Late to Learn Languages?

Because I have received more emails than I can count regarding the posts, articles and research in cyberspace stating that it is too late to teach a child a new language after 12 months, please check out my post from a few weeks ago which addresses this:


Minority or Community Language?

Do the children of Multilingual Living readers speak the community language or minority language when together? Find out what readers have answered in one of our Multilingual Living Facebook questions:

While at the Multilingual Living Facebook page, make sure to click on the LIKE button to make sure that you too can be a part of the discussions!

LAST CHANCE: Multilingual Matters Award!

Do you remember last year when Multilingual Living won this prestigious award? Well, the time has come for the next winner to be chosen! Do not miss your chance to win £2000! Enter before October 31st, 2011 for a chance to win!

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