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June 16, 2011
Dear Multilingual Living Friends,

There are days when I wish that multilingual parenting came with an owner’s manual – one that would give me step-by-step instructions without a lot of choices:

  1. Start with this.
  2. Then do this.
  3. Follow it with this.
  4. Move on to this.
  5. Finish with this.

Instead, most of the time it feels like this:

  1. Determine if the situation is A or B.
  2. If A, then do D, E and F, unless G is present, in which case you should probably do H and I (but those may not work either).
  3. If B, then first decide whether you should do J or K before or after L, M, N, O and P. Avoid Q and R at all costs (unless there is no other option, in which case S might be a good choice).
  4. If neither A nor B, then choose between X, Y and Z and hope for the best.
  5. Good luck.

The silver lining in all of this is that once we realize that there is no owner’s manual, we are free to create our own (and to revise it along the way!). Although daunting, it can become our greatest joy in life. It is empowering to know that there are no right or wrong paths to take in multilingual parenting – each is the one less traveled. Each has its own destinations and outcomes. Each is unique and perfect for us and our family wherever we happen to be on our path today.

If you feel that the world has forgotten about the importance and beauty of multilingualism, just check out the information below about the International Symposium on Bilingualism which started this week at the University of Oslo! The list of presentations is amazing. Talk about inspiring!

At the very least, it is clear that we are not alone.

Many Warm Wishes from Seattle,
Corey Heller
Founder, Multilingual Living

Early Bilingualism: Myths & Realities

Whatever you do, don’t miss a fantastic presentation from Prof. Fred Genesee titled Early Bilingualism: Myths & Realities. It is packed with valuable information, research and facts. You can find it in our June 12th Week in Review post.

    Congratulations Maria and Family!

    One of our regular contributors, Maria Hawkins, had a baby last month. Check out a photo of her beautiful children holding him in the post Congratulations Maria and Family. Welcome to this world, Lucas!

    Question, Question, Question!

    If you aren’t questioning everyone and everything then you need to get started – today! Find out why questioning everything makes our multilingual parenting journey easier in the post The ABCs of Multilingual Parenting: The Letter Q.

    International Symposium on Bilingualism

    The 8th International Symposium on Bilingualism started yesterday! It feels empowering to know that researchers and experts from around the world are dedicating four days to something that we hold so dear to our hearts!

    To learn more about this, head over to our Week in Review post where we share links as well as a sample of the amazing music that started off the conference! Wish I was there!

    Latest Forum Discussions…

    Here are some of the latest discussions taking place on the Multilingual Living Forum:

      Try the Telenovela Method!

      If you really want to learn a language, how about trying the Telenovela Method? Andrew gives us the low-down on just how to go about this in his post The Telenovela Method of Learning Spanish (or any other language).

      12 Common Myths & Misconceptions

      Last week we sent out a link to a fantastic downloadable infographic titled 12 Common Myths and Misconceptions about Bilingual Children. Although you may read these myths and think they are ridiculous, many still believe they are true.

      Please print out this two-page infographic from Barbara Zurer Pearson’s book, Raising Bilingual Children, and share it with everyone you know, especially those who aren’t yet convinced about the joys of bilingualism! The more these myths are dispelled around the world, the better off we all will be!

      Your Language Colors Your World

      Find out how our language influences how we see the world in the article “Seeing Languages Differently” via our weekly review post from June 12th.

      What Bialystok Really Thinks…

      When all is said and done, what do researchers really think about raising children bilingually? Is it all about the cognitive benefits? You might be suprised to hear Bialystok’s comment in a recent interview. We share her quote in our June 12th post.

      Not Proficient in Either Language?

      What should we do if we believe a child is not proficient in either language? Madalena answers a concerned kindergarten teacher in the Ask Madalena post How Can I Help a Bilingual Child Who Is Not Proficient in Either Language?

      It’s All Right Here!

      Want to read articles from the top experts in the field of bilingualism while supporting Multilingual Living? Then get your hands on the back issues of Multilingual Living Magazine! Answers are in these issues!

      Here are just a few of the experts you will find in Multilingual Living Magazine: Colin Baker, François Grosjean, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Fred Genesee, Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, Jasone Cenoz, Aneta Pavlenko, Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert, Xiao-lei Wang, Barbara Zurer, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, and many, many more!

      Purchase the back issues of Multilingual Living Magazine and you will be helping to keep Multilingual Living alive and vibrant! Thank you!

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