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July 5, 2011
Dear Multilingual Living Friends, 

As I write this, I am watching the France vs. Germany 2011 Women’s World Cup game. The national anthems have been sung, handshakes have been made and team photos have just been taken. Jetzt geht’s los!

I’m not really concerned about who wins. The most exciting for me is having the opportunity to witness such strong, assured, inspiring women from around the world giving it their all for the sport that they love. This is wonderful! Amazing! Fantastic!

My children take it at face value that both men and women engage in soccer, play in World Cups and follow their dreams. As far as they are concerned, gender is not a limiting factor. Of course, as well all know, this is not necessarily the case everywhere in the world (something of which my children are also aware).

Judging by the sold out crowds during this World Cup, women’s soccer is something to support and get excited about. I hope that it will continue to grow and develop around the world. As I say in my Week in Review post, “Move aside Barbie. Girls around the world are turning to real, live, inspirational women of substance for their role models!” This is something which I hope my daughter will never take for granted.

On a totally different topic… Happy 4th of July to everyone who celebrated it on Monday! As you can read in my post, American Independence and the World Cup, this holiday has something of a, well, let’s say, “unique flavor” in my household (or at least it did in 2006 when I wrote the essay). We now tend to avoid the patriotic part and focus on food instead. Hot dogs, watermelon, potato chips and popsicles anyone?

Many Warm Wishes from Seattle,
Corey Heller
Founder, Multilingual Living

Bilingual Homeschooling and Biliteracy

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Read All About It!

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