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Teaching My Children to Read in Two Languages

by contributor
Teach Multilingual Children Read in Two Language

By Ana Paula G. Mumy Photo Credit: David D The thought of homeschooling bilingually was initially overwhelming to me.  I knew I wanted my children to read and write in both Portuguese and English, but I had no idea how I would accomplish that.  I feared I would confuse my kids or make the process […]

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Bilingual Homeschooling: Baby Steps to Biliteracy

by Maria

By Maria Hawkins Photo credit: ThomasLife A few days ago a parent in my youngest daughter’s soccer class asked my advice on teaching her daughter to read.  I took a deep breath to collect my thoughts before I answered.  Her daughter had just turned three. The world of reading and writing opens so many doors […]

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Teaching Children to Read and Write in More Than One Orthography: Tips for Parents

by expert

By Xiao-lei Wang, Pace University Photo credit: Lance Shields As our world becomes increasingly globalized and mobile, more and more parents are now motivated not only to speak their heritage language to their children, but also to teach them to read and write it. Compared to oral language development, the process of learning to read […]

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Learning to Read and Write in the Multilingual Family: Chapter 7 (Final Chapter)

by expert

What bilingual or multilingual family is not at least curious about how to raise biliterate and multiliterate children? Yet it can seem like a daunting task. Helping our children speak another language may already be a challenge, how can we even begin to think about teaching our children to read and write in additional languages? […]

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Biliteracy: Bilingual Children Can Learn to Read in Any Language

by Corey

By Corey Heller Use the Hieroglyphic Typewriter to decode the image above. The interesting thing about teaching our bilingual children to read is that we are often more worried about the details than they are. We furrow our brow and tense up our muscles when we think about how to explain to our children that […]

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