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Multilingual Family: Read This Before You Call the Speech-Language Therapist!

by Corey
Multilingual Children: Speech-Language Therapist

Multilingual Children: Before you call the speech-language therapist about your bilingual or multilingual child, prepare yourself with our tip sheet.

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Can You Ever Go Back?

by contributor
Living Abroad: Can You Ever Go Back?

Can we ever go back home? That is the question which Dinka Souzek considers in this wonderful essay about returning to our native country after having lived abroad. For those who have never lived in another country, it may seem like a strange question to ask. Yet, for those of us who have lived in […]

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10 Reasons NOT to Raise Children Bilingually

by Corey
10 Reasons NOT to Raise Your Child Bilingually

By Corey Heller Photo Credit: Pixydust8605 There are hundreds, thousands, heck there may even be millions of reasons to raise a child bilingually. Those of us doing it know this intimately! Our children will grow up with the ability to speak in at least two languages, have a connection with more than one culture, will […]

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Language Learning: Climb Past the Saddle!

by contributor

By Aaron Myers Resting square in the center of Colorado sits Mount Princeton a 14,197 foot mountain that is part of the Collegiate Peaks range just outside of the quite mountain town of Buena Vista.  I spent four summers in the shadow of Mount Princeton as a whitewater rafting guide on the Arkansas River.  I […]

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Multicolored (Multicultural) Butterfly

by contributor
Multilingual Living: Multicultural Butterfly

By Trisha Yonekura Photo Credit: Paul Wever Originally appeared in Multilingual Living Magazine “Come on, Bailey, let’s go,” I said waving good bye to his day care mates and the teachers. “Mommy, no English, please. My ears hurt,” came Bailey’s reply like a thousand needles right to my heart. I can understand how he feels. […]

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