Biliteracy: Teach Your Bilingual Child to Read and Write in Your Language

by Corey

Photo credit: Alan Cleaver School is finishing in many places around the world. Children are looking forward to lazy days on the grass, swimming under the hot sun and chasing sprinkler rainbows across the yard. Ah, the joys of childhood. Summertime is also a time for reading – under trees, on the beach, lounging on […]

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Bilingual Homeschooling: How to Use Visual Dictionaries & Word Books for Language Learning

by Maria

By Maria Hawkin Photo credit: Le Petit Poulailler Once we started down the bilingual parenting road seven years ago (see my post on how we got started) I was energized and passionate and jumped in with both feet.  I was reconnecting with my Spanish language and culture that I had often ignored since college and […]

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Bilingual Homeschooling: How We Got Here

by Maria

By Maria Hawkins Photo credit: Erin Kohlenberg About 5 years ago we were visiting my sister and brother-in-law and they asked if we would ever consider homeschooling (they were a few months from having their first baby and thinking perhaps it was a good option for them).  At the time my son was on the […]

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Expert Advice

Can Multilingual Sports Stars Encourage the Love of Language and Culture in Our Children?

by Corey
Photo Credit: © Orlando Florin Rosu

With the World Cup South Africa 2010 in full swing, we see over and over again multilingualism in vivid action.  Players from different countries, training in international locations with trainers who speak different languages, interacting with diverse people and players and fans.  Being a sports star ain’t what is used to be! Have you ever […]

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Bilingual Homeschooling: World Cup Language Learning!

by Corey
International Soccer Ball

Author’s Note: I’m excited to say that Sarah at Bringing Up Baby Bilingual chose this post as part of the July Blogging Carnival on Bilingualism!  I’m so very honored to be a part of this fabulous group of bilingual bloggers!  Please check out their entries – you will be inspired from head to toe by […]

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