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Teaching My Children to Read in Two Languages

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Teach Multilingual Children Read in Two Language

By Ana Paula G. Mumy Photo Credit: David D The thought of homeschooling bilingually was initially overwhelming to me.  I knew I wanted my children to read and write in both Portuguese and English, but I had no idea how I would accomplish that.  I feared I would confuse my kids because of the special […]

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Bilingual Children: Why Does Each Child Speak Less English?

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Bilingual Children: Why Does Each Child Speak Less

By Ingrid Weilguny Photo credit: Jason Bolonski I remember before my children were born that we planned how it would be. Bringing them up bilingually, that is. We agreed on the one parent-one language approach. We decided that English would be the main influence within the house as outside the door they only heard German. […]

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General Multilingualism

9 Online Resources to Help Support Multilingualism for You and Your Child

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multilingual child online resources

By Ingrid Weilguny Photo credit: Alex Dixon Looking for ways to support your or your children’s multilingualism? Or maybe you have been searching for resources and support to keep yourself and your children motivated and inspired? Before you do anything else, make sure to check out what is available online. Whether you are looking for […]

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Expert Advice

Why Raising a Bilingual Child Is Very, Very Simple – and Very, Very Difficult

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bilingual_family - bilingual monkeys

By Adam Beck Photo credit: Bill Selak On one hand, raising a bilingual child is very, very simple: given sufficient exposure to two languages, and a genuine need to use both, the growing child will become bilingual quite naturally. In my work as a longtime teacher of bilingual children, having watched hundreds of children become […]

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5 Great Bilingual Books of 2013: Get Exploring Languages!

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best bilingual books 2013

  By Jeffrey Nelson Photo Credit: John Morgan For a fun way to teach your children about different cultures, expose them to books that will give them a greater appreciation for other nationalities. Children will be fascinated by other customs and traditions that children just like themselves experience. Below is a list of the top […]

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