About the Founder

Multilingual Living was founded by Corey Heller in early 2003.  It was originally named the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network and is the home of Multilingual Living Magazine, a popular digital publication dedicated to families raising bilingual and multilingual children.

Multilingual Living is a place where parents raising children in more than one language and culture can find inspiration, tools, advice, wisdom and support!  It is about living multilingually, in each and every way possible.

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Multilingual Living founder, Corey Heller. Photo taken by her 6 year old son.

Corey, an American, and her German husband are raising and homeschooling their three children bilingually in German and English (plus adding in Spanish and French as much as possible).  Although not a native speaker of German, Corey and her husband decided early on that it would be her language of communication between herself and her children and husband so that they could practice the “minority language at home” (ml@h) approach while living in the USA.

Since 2001 Corey has been researching childhood and family bilingualism and multilingualism, working with experts in the field and exchanging stories and wisdom with other parents of bilingual and multilingual children around the world.  This is both her life and her passion.  Her goal with Multilingual Living is to create a centralized location for discussion, conversation and connection for multilingual and multicultural families around the world.

While on a year-long Education Abroad Program in 1991-1992 in Galway, Ireland, Corey and her German husband met and fell in love.  She moved to Kiel, Germany in the Fall of 1992 where she immersed herself in her husband’s language and culture, taking intensive immersion language classes 5 days a week at the local evening school and then at university.  In 1995, she and her husband moved to Seattle, Washington, USA for graduate school – where they have been living ever since!

After the birth of their first child in 2001, Corey and her husband decided that both of them would speak German with their son (and any future children) even though it was not Corey’s native language.  Although this was an exciting and exhilarating decision, it also sparked a whole series of questions and concerns.

Corey and her husband started a search for information on raising children in more than one language and culture but quickly found that support, information and resources were lacking. Thus, in 2003 they founded the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network, an organization dedicated to bringing support, wisdom and expertise to families raising children in more than one language and culture.

As more and more families around the world started contacting her to request resources and information, Corey started giving lectures on raising bilingual children and created a monthly newsletter which quickly evolved into Multilingual Living Magazine, a respected digital publication which she and Alice Lapuerta, a mother living in Austria raising children trilingually, created and published.  Experts, researchers, parents and teachers all helped make the pages of Multilingual Living Magazine a resource of unparalleled value.

Unfortunately, the hours needed to create such a magazine eventually took their toll on Corey and Alice and they were forced to end the publication in early 2009 after Corey’s mother passed away from a two-year battle with breast cancer.  There is only so much that two mothers can do as volunteers, with hours stolen between taking care of children, maintaining a household, Corey working 35 hours a week at a paying job, and the death of a dear and beloved mother at the youthful age of 65.

NOTE: The back issues of Multilingual Living Magazine are still available and are PACKED with valuable research, information and wisdom.

Corey (far left) with her husband (far right, with brown shirt), kids and German in-laws.

But that was not to be the end.  The closing of the Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network and Multilingual Living Magazine chapter has simply meant the opening of a new and more interactive chapter: Multilingual Living! Through her years of research and personal experience in raising multilingual children, Corey has realized that the most important element in our efforts is inspiration, community, love and excitement.  This website is where she hopes you will find all of that and more so that your multilingual living journey will be a joyful and fulfilling one!

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Happy Multilingualism!