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Multilingual Living
December 2012
Dear Multilingual Living Friends,
So sorry for the lack of newsletter emails at the end of this year! After Language Challenge 180, I kind of lost steam. We had a ton of fun focusing on weekly language activities but it took more work than I had anticipated.

Starting in January, we will have regular newsletter email again. So thank you for staying signed up! The new year will give us the push we need to get back into the swing of things.

In the meantime, we are full swing in the holiday spirit here in our home. We hope you are having a wonderful time of year with your family as well.

Just in case you haven’t yet picked out each and every gift on your list, we would like to suggest Last Minute Multilingual Holiday Gifts from three fantastic companies that you might want to check out. We think their products are wonderful and just what our little bilinguals adore. Check out the recommendations and let us know what you think.

Finally, if you are looking for a unique gift for that special someone in your life, look no further than ALL of the back issues of Multilingual Living Magazine. Experts in family multilingualism share their knowledge and wisdom in each and every issue! Plus, you will be supporting Multilingual Living 100%!

Happy (multilingual) Holidays to everyone!

Corey Heller
Founder, Multilingual Living

Grow Story Grow!

If you are looking for an online language resource for your children, we highly recommend that you check out Grow Story Grow

Not only is Grow Story Grow a wonderful way to introduce a child to a new language, it is just as fabulous in helping young children practice a language that they are in the process of mastering!

Grow Story Grow website:

Il Cocco di Mamma (20% off)

Are you looking for lovely, high-quality products in a variety of languages this holiday season? You must check out the selection at Il Cocco di Mamma! Plus, you can get 20% off with the code: ML2012!

The signaure tees at Il Cocco di Mamma are adorable (check out the matching ones for mom & baby and siblings!) and the wooden blocks are to die for! Check out their full selection of languages and products (and order soon to ensure prompt delivery). Don’t forget to use the 20% off discount code: ML2012! 

Il Cocco di Mamma’s website:

Petra Lingua

 If you are looking for a program to introduce your little bilingual to a brand new new language this holiday season, make sure you check out Petra Lingua.

Petra Lingua is a fun multimedia language course for young children and uses animation and fun games to keep children interested and motivated. You can try out a free lesson on their website in each of the six languages they provide

Petra Lingua’s website:

It’s Going Back Home That Hurts

The most read post this year was one about returning home after living abroad and the uncertainty that it brings.

We may not know it but Reverse Culture Shock can be worse than initial culture shock (at least it was for me). Read the post and share your experiences in the comments section:

100 Days of Bilingualism

If you haven’t been to the Multilingual Living website for a while, you may not know about the fantastic series of posts written by Maria Hawkins (a former bilingual teacher who now homeschools her 4 children in Spanish and English).

Each week Maria provides us with 5 fantastic activities that are centered around 100. The posts are fun, engaging and all around fantastic! We are on week 14 now but you can read all of the past ones from the following link:


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While there, please share your thoughts about the variety of posts and discussions going on there!


Give the Gift of Multilingualism

Want to give the gift that will help your bilingual loved ones make multilingualism a success in their families? Then give them the gift of ALL of the back issues of Multilingual Living Magazine! Your loved ones will find more than answers in these amazing issues!

Here are just a few of the experts who share articles in Multilingual Living Magazine: Colin Baker, François Grosjean, Jean-Marc Dewaele, Fred Genesee, Madalena Cruz-Ferreira, Jasone Cenoz, Aneta Pavlenko, Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert, Xiao-lei Wang, Barbara Zurer, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, and many, many more!

Come find us where we hang out:


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