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Multilingual Gifts

With our holiday season in full swing, many of us are still uncertain what might be the best gift for our little bilinguals. How do we begin to figure out what we might want to get, let alone where to find it? Let us help you with some last minute multilingual holiday gift ideas from our sponsors.

Want to help your child or grandchild learn to read in more than one language but aren’t sure where to find books and online materials? Or perhaps you are looking for an online language program to help your child or grandchild learn a brand new language? Maybe you’d love to adorn your littlest bilingual in a T-shirt that has your language on it but can’t seem to figure out where to find something like that?

No worries, we have you covered!

Below are three recommendations for multilingual families looking for last minute gifts. We hope you will find just what you have been looking for in our list!

Grow Story Grow

Grow Story GrowIf you are looking for an online language resource for your children, we highly recommend that you check out Grow Story Grow!  Not only is it a wonderful way to introduce a child to a new language, it is just as fabulous in helping young children practice a language that they are in the process of mastering!

Supported languages are French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Mandarin, Polish and Japanese. However, take note that some of the languages at Grow Story Grow only have a few books available, so make sure to check out their library list in your target language ahead of time!

My children can’t get enough of the fantastic books at Grow Story Grow. They have read many in German (a language my children know natively) as well as Spanish (which they know a bit) and French (which they don’t know much of at all). What my kids enjoy the most is that with each story comes a whole list of fun games and activities. There is nothing more fun than playing games with the language you are trying to master. What I appreciate are the thousands of additional resources available for helping our children strengthen their language skills: downloadable books, playing cards, worksheets and more!

If you are looking for a last minute gift for your little bilinguals, I highly recommend that you try out a FREE TRIAL at Grow Story Grow today and see if it would be just what you have been looking for this holiday season! The price for a year subscription is nothing short of fantastic!

Grow Story Grow website:


Petra Lingua

If you are looking for a program to introduce your little bilingual to a new language this holiday season, make sure you check out Petra Lingua. It is a fun multimedia language course aimed at young children using animation and fun games and activities.

Petra Lingua is not for children who already speak the target language fluently. This program is a fun way for children to start learning the first words in a language they may not yet have been exposed to. It would also be good for children who are learning a language but have very little language exposure. For example, my children highly enjoyed doing the Spanish program since it helped to reinforce words in Spanish that they have been learning in class (but had quickly forgotten since they are only exposed to Spanish once a week for an hour).

The highlight for my children at Petra Lingua are the games and activities at the end of each episode. Testing our language skills with fun games is always a wonderful way to help reinforce what we have learned. The wonderful thing about children is that often they want to do the same things over and over again simply because it is fun – when it comes to language learning, doing the same activities repeatedly, with an aim toward mastery, is perfect!

If you are looking for an online language learning program this holiday season, please head over to Petra Lingua and see what they have to offer. Check out a free preview lesson in one or more of the six supported languages!

Petra Lingua’s website:


Il Cocco di Mamma

I wish that my children were still tiny enough to fit into the adorable Il Cocco di Mamma onesies that I received years ago! They are just too adorable! Definitely check out the Signature Tees for mom and baby or your favorite siblings on your holiday shopping list!

But the fabulous products don’t end there. Il Cocco di Mamma also has some of the loveliest wooden blocks around in a variety of alphabets – another top gift for someone with budding bilinguals! Bilingual books, music and other multilingual products are available in a variety of languages (click on their “languages” link to see a full list).

Whatever you may be looking for this holiday season, Donna, the owner, will certainly do all that she can to help you find it. Her own story of growing up bilingual is inspiring and reminds us all that a passion for language and culture stays with us forever!

Plus, she is giving every Multilingual Living reader 20% off all orders if you make your purchase by the end of this year!

Check out the long list of products at Il Cocco di Mamma this holiday season (hurry so that your order can arrive in time!) and make sure to use the Multilingual Living discount code for 20% off your order: ML2012.

Il Cocco di Mamma’s website:

Happy Holidays!

We hope you find just want you are looking for this holiday season for your bilingual family! It can be hard to find products that stimulate our children’s interest in languages so we hope our recommendations will help, at least a bit, with your search.

We also wish you a happiest of holiday seasons! It is hard not to be filled with joy when sharing smiles, laughter, stories and more with our loved ones. We hope you will be filled with holiday spirit the whole seasons long!

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We would like to thank Grow Story Grow, Petra Lingua and Il Cocco di Mamma for their support of Multilingual Living! We are honored to be supported by fantastic companies like these!

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