100 Days of Bilingualism – Week Fourteen

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100 Days of Bilingualism

Welcome back to 100 Days of Bilingualism!

Each Monday you will receive a week’s worth of multilingual activities that you can do at home with your children. Not only will it be fun for your entire bilingual family, it will boost your children’s bilingualism into the stratosphere!

Maria, a former school teacher who is currently homeschooling her four children in Spanish and English, is your 100 Days of Bilingualism guide. She loves to hear from you, so please leave comments about your own 100 days journey along the way!

In case you missed the previous posts, click here to read all of the 100 Days of Bilingualism posts.

Without further ado, let us pass things over to Maria who will lead you through another week of fantastic multilingual fun and activities…

Week 13: Dec. 10 – Dec. 15


Days 66-70 find us in the midst of a busy December holiday season!

If you are anything like us, this week will find you deep into the bustle of the season and the days getting colder by the minute.  I hope that this weeks activities can be an excuse to slow down and make some time to connect and enjoy your language together.

This week we’ll think about our favorite seasons, do some drawing, take a walk and make a list of our favorite books.  I hope your jars are getting full and your are having fun keeping track of the days on your grid!

Only 6 weeks left!

Materials for the week:

  1. daily three (number line, 100 jar, 100 day grid)
  2. prepared journals
  3. printed 100 word book page (one for each child)
  4. minute timer or stopwatch


Monday – 100 day journal

Journal week 14:  Imagine that you get to spend 100 days in one season of the year. Which of the four seasons would you choose? Why would you choose that season? What would you miss about the others?

I hope that you can use this week’s journal entry to talk about likes, dislikes, weather, traditions and anything else that might come up.

Its always interesting to think about choices and how our perspective changes when you have or do not have something all of a sudden. Enjoy the process of imagining this 100 days.


Tuesday – Creating/Art Activity– 100 second drawings

Today is an exercise in timed drawings.  It is a bit of a mental shift to have a time limit when creating.  It exercises your creative muscles in a way that is new and different.

Today we’ll do 5 (or more) 100 second drawings.  For each one you will begin with at the mark and then stop immediately when the 100 seconds are up (use a timer).

This is an exercise in process, not product so encourage your kids to enjoy the creation and not fuss about making a finished product.  Feel free to decide on the best fit for your kids here.  This would work to just freestyle draw whatever comes to mind, do figure drawing of mom or dad, draw still life items you arrange on the table, draw anything you see around you – just choose before you start.

  1. You will need 5 sheets of white paper (one sheet per 100 seconds), a pencil and your timer.
  2. Decide on the subject of your drawings
  3. Do at least 5 100 second drawings
  4. When you have finished the drawings take some time to talk about your drawings.  What do you notice?  What was it like to have a time limit?  Great time to use new language!


Wednesday – Get Moving Activity – 100 holiday decoration walk

Its always nice to have an excuse to get outside and get some fresh air – this week is filled with many reasons to do so.

Today we will take a walk around the neighborhood and see if we can count 100 houses that are decorated for the holiday season.  How far will you have to walk to get to 100?

In our old neighborhood I think we would of had to walk for awhile to reach 100 but we moved recently and we are currently one of the few houses on our block that is not covered with decorations!  I think we may reach our goal fairly quickly!  Enjoy your walk and don’t forget to count and fill it with rich and varied language.


Thursday – 100 word book – 5 holiday decoration words

Here are our 5 words for decorations for the house (in Spanish: los adornos para la casa) for the week:

la guirnalda – garland
la cadena de papel – paper chain
las velas – candles
los copos de nieve de papel – paper snowflakes
la corona – wreath


Friday – Exploration – 100 book list

Let’s end our week by taking some time to get cozy and think about one of our favorite subjects, reading!

Cold winter days give us lots of inspiration to get cozy and curl up with a good book.  Today let’s see if you can make a list of your top 100 books.  If you have multiple kids you can decide whether to make a family list, an individual list, or maybe both.




We hope you enjoy this week of 100 Days of Bilingualism!

Remember that we are doing this with our children right along with you, so we encourage you to share your thoughts, questions and experiences in the comments section each week. It is so much fun to hear from you!

Let me know if you have any questions about activities during this (or previous) weeks. We hope that you set up things during the preparation week – it will make your 100 days move along smoothly and enjoyably.

Stay tuned for our next post on Monday next week. It will be filled with another week of activities for our 100 Days of Bilingualism event.

Maria Hawkins grew up in New Mexico immersed in both Spanish and English. She has her National Teacher Certification in early childhood education and has taught in both bilingual and monolingual public schools. She currently keeps busy homeschooling her three bilingual children, teaching weekly Spanish classes for kids, and leading a Spanish Playgroup to support local bilingual families.

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